Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker For Schools

Kraftmatics School Wall Decals

Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker For Schools

School districts rely on us to make beautiful custom school decals to light up their spaces on a regular basis. Here are five various methods to apply wall decals in your classroom, school corridors, an entryway, and other places!

1. Teacher Name + Quote: What better approach to make an immediate impression on students than to include your name and a short quote that sets the tone for the school year?

2. Your School’s Logo: This decal could be used to display your school’s logo, mascot, or anything else that visually represents your school. It’s ideal for that empty place in the office, hallway, or cafeteria, but it’ll work anywhere!

3. Slogan or Mission Statement: These forms of text custom school decals look fantastic in the same places as the logo. This may be a preferable alternative to display if you can’t find high-resolution artwork of your logo.

4. Inspiring Words: Quotes are one of our most popular items, particularly among students. You are free to create whatever personalised quote you like! Simply input the quote and how you want it organised, and we’ll take care of the rest. Hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and other areas might benefit from large or small decals.

5. Custom Murals/Posters: Posters are usually on the wall, but have you considered a poster with a sticky back, similar to a wall decal? Your class rules or any other interesting ideas you want to look like a poster can be included on classroom wall decals in poster format.

6. Bright Colors: Do you simply want to brighten up the vacant space in the bathroom, corridor, or any other room? We have polka dots for any room, music notes for the music/band room, paint splatters for the art room, globes and maps for the social studies room, and so much more!

7. Chalkboard Wall Decals: Chalkboard decals are more popular than ever before in the classroom. Rather than purchasing an entire blackboard, decals allow you to purchase precisely sized chalkboards that you may stick to any surface!

Don’t see your brilliant idea listed above? Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to make even the most bizarre classroom wall decal concept a reality!

Through custom school decals and a number of unique stock designs, Wall Decal World provides a wide range of decoration alternatives. Every classroom wall decal is constructed of the high-quality matte vinyl, and every order comes with a squeegee to make hanging your decorations a snap.

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