How to Save Money with Wall Decals 

How to Save Money with Wall Decals 

How to Save Money with Wall Decals  

Wall decals have become the mainstream home improvement tools and people are already over them. From small-scale wall decorations like silhouettes of trees and birds to branded Nike stickers, you can easily give your walls a makeover with these decals without going through the messy application process of a wallpaper. 

If you have decided that you want to make your dull walls livelier, give the wall decors a try instead of painting it all a new. Here are some awesome design options that will look great on your walls. 

Rustic wood-planked wall 

If you are someone with a taste to add character to your home then wooden panels for the wall might appeal to you. However, it’s a costly affair as it can cost you up to thousands of dollars. 

What if you get the same look with realistic giant wall sticker that it hard to tell apart from the real thing at first glance? 

There are several options for you to choose from when you decide to go with murals for the wall. While most people choose to go with flora and fauna motifs or inspirational quotations, the rustic wall-planked decals will appeal to the minimalistic in you. Wall decals are an excellent solution for renters and commitment-phobes as they are completely removable and leave no damaged walls. 

Repeating pattern wall decals 

If you are planning to give you walls a trendier geometric look, you can achieve that with repeating pattern wall decals that do not require the same level of commitment as wallpapers do. If you are a tenant, move frequently or a person who loves to redecorate a lot, then these are the wall decals you will want. 

Sports wall decals 

Extremely popular among sports fans, sports wall decals are sort of a patronage people use to show their support for their favorite teams and players. When you are a fan who follows his team diligently, you will always want to show the love and team spirit with dedicated wall decals. 

Kraftmaticshas an exclusive collection of sports wall decals for you to choose from. They are offering wall decals for every sports lover, especially for followers of MLB, NBA, NFL, and Soccer. You can choose to have your favorite team’s logo as the wall mural for your home. 

Children’s cartoon wall decals 

Redoing children’s room can be tricky as the little munchkins have a tendency to spoil the walls. Vinyl wall decals are apt decoration solution for kids’ rooms as they can’t be easily messed and can be wiped clean. 

More adorably, you can put your kid’s favorite cartoon character as their wall décor. This is how they will form an association with their living spaces. Almost every popular cartoon character is available as a wall decal. Whether its cartoon heroes or Disney princesses, there is no shortage of choices. We are sure that your child will greatly appreciate his or her favorite character on his wall. 

Wall decals designed to scale 

If you want to give a dramatic effect to your room, there are wall decals that can adequality fill a space entirely. If the large walls in your home are leaving you wanting for more, there are extra-large wall decals that can make a big impression. We are not recommending the run-of-the-mill floral decals, but there are special wall decals that are scaled or can be customized to fit any size. 

Next time you are planning to redo your room, give these incredible wall decals a try. 

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