Our Vision

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Our History

After a close friend showed us the world of stickers, we decided to take this idea to a whole new level and create something new. Family owned and operated, Kraftmatics was created with the purpose of helping those looking to personify their belongings, whether it be their home’s walls, their phone case, or, now, the shirts they wear. 

Our Approach

At Kraftmatics, we create a t-Shirt, wall decals and decorative products that bring creativity to your home interiors. We just don’t create a handful of wallpaper cutouts but we offer a huge catalog of wall decals, wall panels, stickers, murals and more.

What brings the best in our wall decals is our belief that everyone should have a home they love, not just mere walls but a reflection of their belongingness. Making use of technology and innovation, Kraftmatics makes it possible for you to easily find the exact wall decal you want for your home.

Why Kraftmatics Is So Special

Our promise is to delight our customers at every step of their home improvement. This is why we are reinventing how people shop for home décor online. From product discovery to delivery, we have made quality our first priority.

Kraftmatics is dedicated to providing the best products which are why all our wall decors undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure the safety standards are as per our commitment. We strive to make high-quality wall decals available at the most affordable prices, which is why you will find a product for every budget. Whether you want designs for your kids or teens, we have put in a lot of creativity to make functional and stylish wall decals available for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Kraftmatics is involved in more than just creating wall decals. We design and develop our own decals that decorate walls of homes, offices, schools and more. Our selection of wall decals includes decorative prints, specialty and entertainment posters, and art reproductions. Whether you are looking for Statue of Liberty print or a Monet reproduction, we make sure to keep your options open.

Driven by hardworking, energetic, creative and above all most passionate people, at Kraftmatics great designs are made a reality by people who believe that even the best of art can be migrated to the walls.

What Some Of Our Customers Say

“Thank you so much! I’ve had such an exciting experience to find the wall decal I was looking for. I am really pleased with the reasonable pricing and fast delivery. Kudos to your products.”

“My kids ordered your posters and it was so convenient for them. They enjoyed surfing the site and were amazed by the variety of wall decals available. We definitely had a great shopping experience than we ever had with any of the local stores. I think your website deserves a recommendation to my friends.”

“Just a quick thank you for making my wall decal choice so effortless and easy. One of the most user-friendly experience I had ordering for Kraftmatics. Thank you again!”

Want us to improve?

Kraftmatics can never be a truly dependable wall decal shopping store without your support.

If you have any suggestions to improve our services or a question regarding our products, simply send us a mail or contact us here 📧

Think of decorating your abode, think of us! We will not leave any stone unturned to provide you with the best of attractive stuff for your home or office.