Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Wall Decals

Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Wall Decals

Do you want to give your space a makeover but don’t want to make any substantial changes? Vinyl wall decals are the perfect way to personalise your space.

Vinyl wall decals have remained a popular decor choice precisely because of this. They’re the quickest method to transform the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money or making long-term adjustments. Changing the colour of a room’s walls takes a long time, and it’s common for homeowners to be unable to use the space while the job is being done. Wallpaper is a more permanent option as well. Vinyl wall decals, in comparison, are a rapid makeover that you can easily convert into a DIY project. They’re also popular with renters who want to personalise their room without raising their landlord’s wrath because they’re not permanent. This is a step-by-step guide to learning everything there is to know about vinyl wall decals.

Which Design For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals Is The Best?

Apart from being a quick and easy way to change the look of a room, vinyl wall decals also have a wide range of designs to choose from. When it comes to vinyl wall decals, the sky is the limit. They can be made in any shape, size, or design you can think of. You can either purchase ready-made designs or order custom vinyl wall decals to better express your interests and hobbies.

Are Quotes on Vinyl Wall Decals a Good Idea?

Vinyl wall decals come in a limitless variety of designs. Geometric shapes, abstract and flowery designs, logos, and typography from popular culture can all be found here. Some of the most popular options are vinyl wall decals with quotes. Vinyl wall decals quotes are your best bet if you have a favourite quote or some encouraging words that you’d like to show on your wall.

Which Room Is Ideal For Decorative Vinyl Wall Decal Installation?

Any flat surface is compatible with vinyl wall decals. While they include the word ‘wall’ in their name, they can also be used on the ceiling. Some people use them to decorate glass, tiles, windows, and mirrors. It’s entirely up to you where the vinyl wall decals should be placed in your home. They are suitable for use in any room of the house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom. Any room you’d like to personalise or elevate with a dash of style.

What Is The Best Way To Place Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

Vinyl wall decals look fantastic on a blank wall. You can also make use of the vacant space surrounding your current furniture and light fixtures on the walls. Make sure you know where you’ll put your vinyl wall decals before you start shopping or ordering them, since this will influence the type of design you should get. If you use it atop a piece of furniture, for example, you can create a design that appears to be shooting out of the thing. It’s an excellent method to make the vinyl wall decals blend in with the rest of the space.

How Do I Put Vinyl Wall Decals On My Wall?

Vinyl wall decals, unlike peel-and-stick stickers, are transferred to the surface you intend to use them on. Vinyl wall decals are made up of three layers: a background paper, the vinyl itself with the pattern, and a transfer layer. Applying vinyl wall decals is a fun DIY project that you can do in your spare time or on the weekend. All you need is a little patience and steady hands to get started. To ensure there is no dust or dirt on the wall, wipe the surface thoroughly before applying.

Are vinyl wall decals removable? you might wonder. Other commonly asked topics are “Are vinyl wall decals reusable?” and “How long do vinyl wall decals last?” One of the aspects that makes vinyl wall decals so popular and preferred for home decor is their ability to be removed. They are simple to remove, and if you have any difficulties, simply use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting to gradually melt the adhesive, making it easier to remove. Although not all vinyl decals are reusable, you can have them custom-made to be.

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Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker For Schools

Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker For Schools

School districts rely on us to make beautiful custom school decals to light up their spaces on a regular basis. Here are five various methods to apply wall decals in your classroom, school corridors, an entryway, and other places!

1. Teacher Name + Quote: What better approach to make an immediate impression on students than to include your name and a short quote that sets the tone for the school year?

2. Your School’s Logo: This decal could be used to display your school’s logo, mascot, or anything else that visually represents your school. It’s ideal for that empty place in the office, hallway, or cafeteria, but it’ll work anywhere!

3. Slogan or Mission Statement: These forms of text custom school decals look fantastic in the same places as the logo. This may be a preferable alternative to display if you can’t find high-resolution artwork of your logo.

4. Inspiring Words: Quotes are one of our most popular items, particularly among students. You are free to create whatever personalised quote you like! Simply input the quote and how you want it organised, and we’ll take care of the rest. Hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and other areas might benefit from large or small decals.

5. Custom Murals/Posters: Posters are usually on the wall, but have you considered a poster with a sticky back, similar to a wall decal? Your class rules or any other interesting ideas you want to look like a poster can be included on classroom wall decals in poster format.

6. Bright Colors: Do you simply want to brighten up the vacant space in the bathroom, corridor, or any other room? We have polka dots for any room, music notes for the music/band room, paint splatters for the art room, globes and maps for the social studies room, and so much more!

7. Chalkboard Wall Decals: Chalkboard decals are more popular than ever before in the classroom. Rather than purchasing an entire blackboard, decals allow you to purchase precisely sized chalkboards that you may stick to any surface!

Don’t see your brilliant idea listed above? Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to make even the most bizarre classroom wall decal concept a reality!

Through custom school decals and a number of unique stock designs, Wall Decal World provides a wide range of decoration alternatives. Every classroom wall decal is constructed of the high-quality matte vinyl, and every order comes with a squeegee to make hanging your decorations a snap.

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8 Adorable Ways to Use Wall Decor Stickers in Your Home

8 Adorable Ways to Use Wall Decor Stickers in Your Home

Wall décor stickers have become a highly popular technique of adorning walls in recent years. They’re popular because of their large selection and ease of application and removal. Furthermore, stickers can be used to decorate any space in your home, from the living room to the restroom.


Want to see your favorite movie themed wall decals on your wall? We have what you want, Kraftmatics.com offers a wide range of movie themed wall decals.


Movie Wall Decals


Your favorite superheroes are waiting for you!. Wall decals based on superhero themes are available not just for children, but also for adults. Super Hero wall decals can liven up a child’s room or your living room.


Superhero Wall Decals


Many people believe that wall decals are only for children’s rooms, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wall decals for bedrooms are now available, and they are a stunning way to brighten up your bedroom or living space. Now is the time to order your bedroom decal from Kraftmatics.com.


Living Room Wall Decals


There are no restrictions on how you can use 3D wall art to beautify your home. The monotonous walls of the living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, or any other area are brought to life by these magnificently made wall decors. Kraftmatics.com has a large selection of 3D wall decals.


3D Wall Decals


It can be a lot of fun to decorate your rooms with quote-themed decor. Now is the time to get your quotation wall decal!


Quote Wall Decals


Getting a wall decal with your favorite brand’s logo will be mesmerizing. Kraftmatics.com has a big collection of logo wall decals to choose from, Get your hands on the most popular logo decals right now!


Logo Wall Decals


It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a nice home renovation. You can bring gleaming creativity to any home with our sports décor. These wall decals are available in a number of styles, colours, and sizes and will not damage the paint on the wall!


Sports Wall Decal


Kids’ wall decals are more than simply a decoration; they’re an instrument for transforming their living surroundings into enchanted places. Young children are enamoured with their rooms and are eager to personalise them. Kraftmatics.com has the nursery wall decals you need right now!


Nursery Wall Decals

Why Choose Wall Decals – Find The Top Five Reasons Here

Why Choose Wall Decals – Find The Top Five Reasons Here

Are you bored with the current color of your walls? Do you have a bad spot on your wall which you want to hide or do you want to decorate your wall with the superhero you love? It’s very easy to spruce up your space with wall decals, I am writing five reasons to buy personalized wall decals.

Unique Wall Decals: Even though it’s true that many wall decals are mass-produced. Personalized wall decals are very unique for your walls because you can showcase your name, your family name, establishment year with these wall decals along with the beautiful graphics.

Easily To Clean: Wall hanging photo frames can pick up a lot of dust, it’s very difficult to clean and might get permanently damaged easily during the process. Though it’s not the case with the wall decors because they are made with vinyl, wall decals are quite strong and do not get damaged easily unlike wallpaper.

Very Easy to Install: Without proper care, paint on your walls can look inconsistent. Before dries, wallpaper could be wrinkled easily, but it’s not the same for the wall decals, all you need to just peel and stick at your favorite place that’s all. With this extremely easy process, we can easily say that wall decals are the easiest wall decor available!

Very Easy to Remove: Vinyl decor can be used several times, though it’s not possible to use wallpaper multiple times. You can use the wall decor you love multiple times, if you don’t like where it’s installed now, you can change the place conveniently and it will save a lot of your money.

Unlimited Designs: The coolest part of wall decals is that they can come in completely different colors, shapes and sizes, the number of designs can be limitless! Vinyl decals can be personalized as well, you can choose different wall decals for different rooms, like nursery wall decor, bedroom wall decals, office wall decals, decals for restaurants, dining room vinyl stickers and more.

Kraftmatics Design offers movie wall decals, superhero decals, unique 3D wall decals, quote wall decals, brand logo wall decals and much more. If you are a movie lover or a fan of superheroes or if you love certain brands, or if you love quotes, or if you need a decal for kid’s room, Kraftmatics Design could be the best place for you to purchase wall decals online. We are a family-based business and customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. We offer unique high-quality wall decals to ensure that your wall gets a perfect look!

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You can …??? Just Ask.

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Here at Kraftmatics we work our hardest to deliver to our customers exactly what they want. We specialize in the production of custom t-shirts and stickers. Hence, our customers are able to get a sticker or shirt with the logo or image THEY want, made with some of the highest quality materials in the industry.  

Handled with the outmost care, our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton, but we are also able to produce custom t-shirts of different materials, such as 80% polyester, 20% cotton, or 50-50, etc. We then obtain the special image or logo our you want, send you a mock-up of what the product will look like, and get to work as fast as possible.  

As for our wall decals, we are able to make stickers of any sort. They can be all one single-color sticker, or a full color sticker. The single-color stickers can be placed in any location, be it your car, interior home, or laptop. Our full color stickers can be placed in any location except outdoors as they are not water and sun resistant. The process with our stickers is similar to t-shirts, we obtain your image, logo, or even just your idea. We then grab your ideas and work with you to create the perfect sticker. 

After your creation is made, we ship right away from our home: Florida, USA.